About Abbott + Avelar

The foundation of abbott + avelar associates is the character of our company, and we act according to three primary core principles: Integrity, Collaboration, and Passion. These core principles guide us and allow us to give our clients the very best construction experience.



We value authenticity. We believe in transparency, respect and honest business practices. We have both a legal and an ethical responsibility to perform all we do with integrity, which is the framework within which we want to be successful. We maintain and operate with a detailed code of conduct, which applies to all of our employees.



We believe greatness comes from working as a team. We provide better innovation through close collaboration with the many partners involved in a project . We don’t just focus on getting from A to B, instead we also take the time to build strong relationships with our architects, interior designers and subcontractors. We believe working efficiently with these cross functional project teams allows all of us to operate to our highest and best potential.



We love what we do. The projects we build will shape the lives of our clients and our community for generations to come. In building a family home, we understand and treasure the importance of using quality materials and construction methods to build outstanding homes that will last a lifetime. There is a sense of pride and passion in all that we do, which continually strengthens our commitment.


Why choose Abbott & Avelar?

We are a full service construction company that will work with you from start till finish at your pace. We will take the necessary steps to give you time to absorb information, learn, and hit that comfort level before you sign anything. Starting a to build a new home or major remodel on your house is a big undertaking and requires a certain amount of time to make sure everything is perfect and in writing before starting.